Talend Summer’18 Release: Under the Hood of Talend Cloud

Today on July 19, we released Talend Summer ’18, which is jam-packed with cloud features and capabilities. We know you are going to love the Talend Cloud automated integration pipelines, Okta Single Sign-On, and the enhanced data preparation and data stewardship functions…there is so much to explore!

Taking DevOps to the Next Level with the Launch of Jenkens Maven Plug-in Support

DevOps has become a widely adopted practice that streamlines and automates the processes between Development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops), so that they can design, build, test, and deliver software in a moreagile, frictionless, andreliable fashion. However, the conventional challenge is that when it comes to DevOps, customers are not only tasked with finding the right people and culture, but also the right technology.

Data Integration fits into DevOps when it comes to building continuous data integration flows, as well as governing apps to support seamless data flows between apps and data stores. Selecting an integration tool that automates the process is critical. It will not only allow for more frequent deploying and testing of integration flowsagainst different environments, increase code quality, reduce downtime, but also free up DevOps team’s time to work on new codes.

Talend Cloud has transformed the way developers and ops teams collaborate to release software in the past few years. With the launch of Winter ’17, Talend Cloud accelerated the continuous delivery of integration projects by allowing teams to create, promote, and publish jobs in separate production environments. An increasing number of customers recognize the value that Talend Cloud brings for implementing DevOps practice. And now they can use the Talend Cloud Jenkins Maven plug-in in this Summer ’18 release, a feature that lets you automate and orchestrate the full integration process by building, testing, and pushing jobs to all Talend Cloud environments. This in turn further boosts the productivity of your DevOps team and reduces time-to-market.

Security and Compliance made Simple: Enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) with 1 Click

 If you are an enterprise customer, you are likely faced with the growing demands of managing thousands of users and partners who need access to your cloud applications, at any time and from any devices. This adds to the complexity of Enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) requirement: meeting security and compliance regulations and audit policies, minimizing IT tickets, and only giving the right users access to the right apps. Single Sign-On (SSO) feature helps address this challenge.

In the Summer ’18 release, Talend Cloud introduced the Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) support. SSO permits a user to use one set of company login credentials to access multiple applications at once. This update ensures greater compliance with your company security and audit policies as well as improve user convenience. If you are with other identity management providers, you can simply download a plug-in to leverage this SSO feature. 

The other security and compliance features worth mentioning in this release are the Hadoop User Impersonation for Jobs for the cloud integration app, and the feature that enables fine-grained permissions on the sematic types definition, both will provide greater data and user visibility for better compliance and audit, see this release note for details.

Better Data Governance at Your Finger Tips: New Features in Talend Data Preparation and Data Stewardship Cloud Apps

The Summer ’18 release introduces several new data preparation and data stewardship functions. These include:

  • More data privacy and encryption functions with the new “hash data” function.
  • Finer grained access control in the dictionary service for managing and accessing the semantic types.
  • Improved management in Data Stewardship, now that you can perform mass import, export and remove actions on your data models and campaigns, allowing you to promote, back up or reset your entire environment configuration in just two clicks.
  • Enhancements in the Salesforce.com connectivity that allows you to filter the data in the source module, by defining a condition directly in your Salesforce dataset and focus on the data you need. This reduces the amount of data to be extracted and processed. Making the use case of self-service cleansing and preparation of Salesforce.com data even more compelling.

Those functionalities make cloud data governance a lot simpler and easier.

To learn more, please visit Talend Cloud product pageor sign up for a Talend Cloud 30-day free trial.

For more exciting updates, you can pre-register for Talend Connect 2019.

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