Oracle releases database integration tool to ease big data analytics

Oracle has bolstered its database portfolio with the Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), a piece of middleware designed to help analysts sift through big data across a variety of sources.

As the name suggests, the ODI effectively eases the process of linking data in different formats and from diverse databases and clusters, such as Hadoop, NoSQL and relational databases.

This enables Oracle customers to conduct analysis on large and varied datasets without dedicating time and resources to preparing big data in an integrated and secure way prior to analysis.

In effect, the ODI allows huge pools of data to be treated as just another data source to be used alongside more regularly accessed data warehouses and structured databases.

Jeff Pollock, vice president of product management at Oracle, claimed that the ODI allows customers to be experts in extract, transform and load tools without learning the code needed to carry out such actions.

“Oracle is the only vendor that can automatically generate Spark, Hive and Pig transformations from a single mapping which allows our customers to focus on business value and the overall architecture rather than multiple programming languages,” he said.

Avoiding the need for proprietary code means that the ODI can be run natively with a company’s existing Hadoop cluster, bypassing the need to invest in additional development.

Cluster databases like Hadoop and Spark have traditionally been geared towards programmers with knowledge of the coding needed to manipulate them. On the flipside, analysts would mostly use software tools to carry out enterprise-level data analytics.

The ODI gives the non-code savvy analyst the ability to harness Hadoop and other data sources without requiring the coding knowledge to do so.

It also means that a company’s developers need not retrain to handle multiple databases. Oracle is touting this as a way for companies to save money and time on big data analysis.

Oracle’s move to build its portfolio to focus on delivering direct data insights for its customers is indicative of the business-focused direction big data analytics are heading, underlined byVisa’s head of analytics saying big data projects must focus on making money

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